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Genetic Screening

Genetic screening is the assessment of abnormalities on an individual's specific gene or chromosome by reaching deep into the DNA level through gene screening from blood or saliva samples collection as appropriate for DNA extraction using international standards.

​The results are better than general health screenings since they can predict the chance of developing an illness in the immediate and long term including by comparing the gene expression level to the samples. As a result, the data may be examined to help people plan their lifestyles for a good quality of life and a long lifespan throughout their lives, particularly in terms of preventing physical degeneration and encouraging a higher quality of life.

Genetic screening, on the other hand, is just a statistical assessment of how much health is at risk. Being discovered to be at high risk does not always indicate the presence of a sickness or disease. It's just statistics that indicates a trend and a higher risk of sickness when compared to the general population. As a result, genetic screening is a collection of data that may be used to study health in depth in order to modify behavior for more appropriate defense risk reduction and disease severity.

People who want to plan long-term health care

and learn how to maintain truly suitable health

throughout their lives

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Lifestyle Modification

We provide professional medical advice on personal lifestyle modifications that support the body's overall health in the most effective manner. Moreover, it is recognized as the most long-term technique for preventing a variety of physiological illnesses, as it involves a variety of aspects such as food choices, physical activity modifications, mental and emotional adjustments, and so on. All of these factors have a direct impact on regulation at the level above the genes, possibly preventing disease and illness in the future.

We will bring in-depth health evaluation data to combine with current lifestyle information to analyze the factors that are a barrier and aspects that support holistic health in detail, and then we will plan a new, more suitable behavior modification plan. A medical professional will monitor changes in your health regularly and may consider the use of dietary supplements that can help increase the potential for further improvements in physical health. In addition, daily routine detection and analysis technologies will be implemented to aid in the extensive assessment of health conditions.

People who desire to strengthen and preserve their health, as well as have better health and reverse the aging process

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Mental Health

To maintain a healthy mind, we provide a private consultation with a medical professional. Mental health can be developed independently and is linked to physical well-being. Furthermore, it is also an important basis that will boost happiness in everyday life, as well as increase the quality of life, leading to better holistic health.

A medical expert's care aims not only for increased happiness in everyday life but also for you to have a better understanding of yourself and alter your perceptions. Furthermore, it can help you become more conscious of the problems and recognize your capacity to deal with them, as well as be able to deal with them appropriately, such as keeping emotional balance and good mental health. Additionally, technology will be used to assist in the training of the brain to learn and rearrange to better deal with mental states and environments more effectively.

People who are dealing with unsettling emotions and thoughts.  It will help them better comprehend themselves and their surroundings, resulting in a higher quality of life.

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Energy Medicine

At GenoTech, Energy Medicine aims to heal and restore the body's balance from the inside. The medical professional will examine the body's energy at the cellular level and repair the defective energy to a balanced level. As a result, the body is less prone to illness or degeneration, making it perfect for optimal health.

Various medical technology will contribute to the balancing process. This includes the use of cannabis products under the supervision of a qualified doctor, which can support the control of body system balance and energy balance.

People who wish to achieve optimum health

by restoring energy balance without invading the body

(A non-invasive procedure)

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Cannabis oil as an energy medicine
Healthy couple

Gut Microbiome Care

The intestines are considered the body's second brain. Along with the responsibility to absorb different nutrients, it is also crucial for the body's overall immunity, which accounts for more than 70% of health (Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue) in terms of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Long-term imbalance in the microbiome could have an impact on the body's numerous systems. This may cause problems with the neurological system, the cardiovascular system, the body's metabolism, or even the measurement of blood fat, sugar, and cholesterol levels.

The gut contains trillions of microorganisms, or so-called "microbiomes," which play a crucial role in the body's health and immune system. These microbiomes can change depending on an individual's lifestyle, such as the food consumption, medications, the environment in which they live, or even stress. All of these factors influence the microbiome balance.

It is crucial to have a lifestyle that promotes a healthy microbiome balance and the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Furthermore, incorporating health advancements like probiotic supplements is a practical and efficient strategy to maintain holistic health.

People who want to improve their overall health and immunity in order to lower their risk of illness in the future. This includes people suffering from digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Dyspepsia, and others.

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