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Boost Up Plan

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Detox Toxins and Other Unwanted Substances


Body Balance


Have Your Own Defensive Shield!

Recommended for:

People who want to maintain their immune system after infecting COVID-19, and those who are at risk for heavy metal accumulation due to factors like living in the city center, being exposed to numerous pollutants, or regularly consuming processed foods


Whole-body assessment


In this plan, you will consult with a medical professional to evaluate your present physical health condition, as well as an overall health evaluation, to offer information for developing a health care program that is specific to you. Because whether it is the accumulation of toxins or unusual symptoms that occur after being infected with the COVID-19 virus are all affect various body systems.

The doctor will examine symptoms and provide comprehensive treatment for all aspects of your health, such as immune system care, because prevention at the source is crucial.

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