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Why Chiva?

Health care is the best investment. 
Chiva brings cutting-edge medical technology to access comprehensive treatment in all dimensions of health. We bring together technologies and innovations to make your healthcare reality and have proven outcomes along with providing you a superior body care experience that goes all the way down to the genetic level. This will enable you to find strategies to improve your quality of life and take charge of your health.

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Prior to becoming Chiva

Chiva was founded with the goal of providing a wellness experience and profound support for a healthy body, which includes overseeing control over genetics by gathering integrated medical science, which allows for immediate prevention and correction, as well as aims for creating adjustments that will lead to a long-term better life.


After obtaining the service, customers will receive value and an experience that exceeds their expectations. The most essential element is that understanding yourself allows you to genuinely care for your health.



Chiva is dedicated to becoming Thailand's first new type of preventative health care center, which is a true leader in medical technology for supporting health. Besides, customers will have a better experience than in conventional health care, including the value that exceeds expectations and being trusted both nationally and worldwide.


Chiva is devoted to taking care of all health dimensions by merging integrative medicine, innovation, and technology from around the world to support optimum health. All of these create a balance between life and health for healthy people by focusing on solutions that go down to the fundamental cause of the health problem together with direct prevention.


Our Specialist Doctors


Field of Expertise:

  • General Practitioner


  • Doctor of Medicine Program, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, 2001

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