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Welcome to Chiva,
A Pathway to Longevity


friends having fun by sea side
friends having fun by sea side
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"CHIVA" began as a passion for science and medical innovation to improve the quality of life for those who are concerned about their health. To improve health care and create happiness for those who truly love health, we integrate the science of various forms of medical care with research-supported inventions.

Moreover, we have hemp products from "Amber Farm" that meet quality and medical standards as part of helping to balance the body from the inside, which is a vital aspect of achieving optimum health.

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Melissa Madrigal

Chiva is by far the best well-being care center around. The quality of their services, their doctors, and the calm space they offer is unparalleled. I've been to countless well-being care centers before I found out about them. 
and none of them really ever had my heart. Chiva took that time and changed my life for me and all for the better.

Our Trusted Customer

Serious Man

Kanet Nunchan

I had an amazing experience at Chiva for my mental health and I am so glad that I did. The doctors and the staff are always warm and welcoming. You can tell they are there to help you get better. They have helped me with Genetic Screening, Lifestyle Modification, Mental Health, energy medicine also have a great calm space to relax.

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Runglawan Chommee

I've been a client of Chiva for over a year and I am extremely happy with the services they provide. I was looking for a holistic wellness center and found this one by mistake. The doctor I see is amazing, and in the past year, we have treated my genetic predispositions to autoimmune diseases, lifestyle modifications for anxiety, and anti-depressants.

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CHIVA Call Center:  085-559-7000

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